Downsized keeps you guessing as three story lines are woven together. Well loved by the fans of his sports column and many others, Quade O’Bric is reasonably happy until his life suddenly begins to fall apart. His love of the bottle may be the cause of his unforeseen job loss or maybe it was all his two-timing supervisor; the drinking and his sloppy, overweight appearance certainly led to his wife’s threat of divorce.

By chance and his own curiosity he gets involved in a couple of strange situations that involve some Mafia figures, a crooked cop and a pillar of the community. Mixed with some well drawn personalities and Quade’s desire to completely change his life, the story draws us in and keeps us rooting for Quade and some new-found friends.


20th Annual Writer’s Digest Annual Self-Published Book Contest

Judge Number: 45

What did you like best about this book?

I really like this well-written, interesting and fast-paced narrative. The writer shows great talent in devising a wonderful plot, a likeable protagonist, marvelous complications, and a satisfying conclusion (particularly regarding the friendship between Thorny and O'Bric). The journey the protagonist makes from being apparently "downsized" (even if this problem is actually a misunderstanding enhanced by the protagonist's character as well as the greediness of a co-worker) to his being able to turn a difficulty into an opportunity for real growth) is an enjoyable one for the reader to follow.

The "journey" of O'Bric's antagonist, Clete, is a great foil. The meeting at the diner which brings in the Mafia guys as well as the two policemen (with their own story of good vs. evil) is a wonderful feat. The ultimate coup for O'Bric (which has to do with his helping get the bad cop out and, therefore, has him inadvertently helping someone who can back his new enterprise) shows how several of the minor plots work beautifully with the major plot. There is a symphonic kind of unity which the book achieves, showing a witty and artistic mind with a talent for organizing the elements of a satisfying composition.


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